Jumat, 26 November 2010

Thick Smoke Bromo Mountain

Bromo volcano activity has increased and is now a status alert.
But it did not make the people around him fear. Even the residents likens Mount Bromo is "Mbah Buyut" which provide sustenance to her grandson. Residents also believe that the bursts of thick haze from Mount Bromo not something that can lead to disaster or something that can be difficult for residents around Mount Bromo.

They do not worry, because according to public confidence around every month is always "salvation" and give "offerings" to "Mbah Buyut" (Mount Bromo). So no need to worry "Buyut" Mount Bromo rampage and provide disaster for local people.

According to the opinion of one of the farmers citizens Ngadisari, Mount Bromo current conditions are considered normal. Even if later on down the rain of ash, it means that his ancestors were awake and give sustenance, because the result will be a fertile farming.
"Nek awu mudun mas, berarti buyut ngekei rejeki. Leluhur awak dewe seng wes ga ono iku nang kono kabeh. Makane wong kene nyebut buyut." (If the ash has fallen, the great-grandfather gave his fortune. Our ancestors have left us all to be there. Because the people here call it Mbah Buyut).

Although the current alert status Bromo, communities around Mount Bromo still do activities such as farming, trading in traditional markets.

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Bromo Exoticism

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