Minggu, 14 November 2010

Devastating Eruption Merapi

Clumps of clouds in the sky by the eruption of Mount Merapi Djogjakarta. This was the largest eruption of Merapi in the period of the last 140 years after the previous eruption in 1870. Merapi is known characteristics of the community is the formation of lava domes after the eruption. When the lava dome eruptions that fall due, then it came to pass the hot cloud. Height of heat due to the eruption cloud reached 7.5 km. The volume of magma that rises very large. In addition, the gas content is also very high in the mountains, so that explosive eruptions in 2010.

In the last 100 years, every time there is no formation of lava dome eruptions. Lava dome that formed in the eruption of Merapi, 2006, when the eruption occurred on November 26, broken down or destroyed. As a result, the crater formed are likely to increasingly widespread. Merapi hot clouds glide to reach a distance of 15 km to 20 km.

image source: kaskus

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