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Reog Ponorogo

"Ki Ageng Surya Alam Creates Art Reog"

Hearing the name "reog" wishful thinking will float in a spectacle of East Java, featuring a tiger-headed creatures crowned with peacock feather decorations on his head. Danced around it masked clown-eyed stare and a few dancers horse braid moves swiftly. Gamelan (musical) that accompany the hectic and monotonous voice. The picture above is the best known Reog Ponorogo between reog-reog in East Java.

In other areas in Indonesia, even frequently encountered types of folk spectacle which is actually a splinter from reog arts, including dance Jaranan or Kuda Lumping that comes with various forms.

Reog Ponorogo, as the name was born in Ponorogo, an area in East Java. Reog Ponorogo as folk art many roles in public life based on local custom. Besides being a tool that is very popular entertainer, reog also often used in bridal processions, celebrations and ceremonies such as the clean village, or even on such a national celebration commemorating the Proclamation and so forth. Thus in addition as a means of entertainment Reog Ponorogo also have a symbolic role that is mystical. For people who believe can be used as against disaster, bad luck and so repellent.

In fact found also, reog can be used as a tool collector society then used for specific purposes.

Regional spread of Reog Ponorogo covering most areas of East Java and some areas in Central Java. Especially in Kediri and Tulungagung, besides there are also found Reog Ponorogo reog own or have the type, style and character are different.

The main factor affecting the spread of Reog Ponorogo is Reog Ponorogo charm that so powerful that it is very liked by the audience. Besides, the people themselves have a sense of pride Ponorogo the thick of the arts. So that when artists move where there is a tendency reog they established an arts unit Reog Ponorogo in place of "overseas" is.

The origins of Reog Ponorogo, according to the source of tradition, arising in the future government in the Bra Kertabumi Majapahit. At the king's reign is reputedly one of his close aide named Ki Ageng Surya Alam away from the side of the King. Even Surya Ki Ageng away from the capital of Majapahit. This is done by Ki Ageng Surya they see the kingdom of Majapahit had deviated from habit that he expects to happen collapse. Alam Surya Ki Ageng consider empress king too much influence about country so that he was not fit anymore and then withdrew to a village called the village of Kutu in the Region Wengker (Ponorogo now).

In the village of Kutu that Ki Ageng Surya Alam establish a college that teaches science "kanuragan" (immune science / magic) in addition to mysticism and soldiering. In this university implemented a strict discipline and the students which consists of young people are prohibited from associating with women. For those who violate this prohibition are unique, it is said to lose the magic that has been owned. It is said that from here also is born the tradition of "warok" with "gemblaknya" which leads to the relationship with the opposite kind.

From college to establish the origin of Ki Ageng guess that lice do opposition to the power of King. This is demonstrated by Ki Ageng Flea, who is also an artist, through art creations. The content and ways of expressing a caricature picture of the country situation of Majapahit at the time. Art is what became known as Reog.

Original Reog created Ki Ageng This bug is very simple. One unit of creation reog Ki Ageng lice consists of the actors: Singabarong with fur merak, bujungganong, two dancers jathilan with two men who dressed women. Musical instruments (gamelan) consists of one drum, two angklung, one kenong, a gong, a bugle. While pegiring consists of some unspecified amount, its odd jobs to help where needed and especially enliven the atmosphere with "senggakan-senggakan" and a boisterous cheering roar.

Singabarong intended as a manifestation of the King who was in power, the peacock symbolizes the empress at the head of the king who was occupying the head of the king. Ganong Bujangganong or embodied in the form of a red mask with bulging eyes and long whiskers, a long nose that represents the creators of art, which is able to counsel the king, he would resign if the king was angry. This was clearly illustrated during Singabarong Bujangganong dance together.

While a pair of dancers jathilan (lesson braid) that is played by men dressed women, intended as a picture of the royal soldiers who had lost his manhood. Also depicted in the dance dancer jathilan no longer discipline against the King (Singabarong).

Watching a show Reog Ponorogo, besides watching stories stories, acrobat skills also can be seen from his players. The players like to have extraordinary powers. Players Singabarong to stir lively despite heavy burden carried. Even within a particular show reog often displaying agility and ability of players to do something beyond ordinary human capability.

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