Minggu, 14 November 2010

Indonesian Gamelan

Gamelan is the music created by the combination of various traditional musical instruments.

Javanese Gamelan music provides the rhythm of a gentle and soothing the soul so to hear that reflects the harmony of life of the Javanese. Unlike the Balinese gamelan and Sundanese gamelan. Balinese gamelan music has a rhythm that is more dynamic and Sundanese gamelan rhythm and lilting flute-dominated sound. The difference is reasonable, since Java has a view of life that is expressed in the rhythm of gamelan music.

Gamelan musical instruments, among others:

- Kendang

- Bonang

- Demung

- Saron

- Kenong

- Slenthem

- Gong

- Gambang

- Rebab

- Siter

- Seruling/Flute

- Angklung

The main components that make up the gamelan music instruments are bamboo, metal and wood. Each device has its own function in the performing arts of gamelan music.

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